Cover video transcript

Migration, border control and internal security are part of the great priorities of the European Union. To face current and future challenges we have 3 new financing instruments for 2021-2027. that will offer more budget and flexibility. The Migration and Integration Fund (FAMI), the Border and Visa Management instrument (IGFV) and the Internal Security Fund (FSI).

For asylum and migration management fully compatible with the culture of the European Union. AMIF will boost national capacities and procedures, develop legal migration routes and better integration of refugees, and intensify partnerships to strengthen the external borders of the European Union and support the common visa policy.

The IGFV will focus on updating customs control equipment and systems for border management, which will improve visa processing services and European Union cooperation. The objective of the FSI is to create a safer Europe by strengthening capacities to prevent and combat terrorism and organized crime, promoting police training and cooperation, and preparing to respond quickly to health crises.

The world is changing, with it also the policies of the European Union that open the way for a better dialogue and greater cooperation with third countries, and that allow improving the management of migration, reinforcing borders and increasing internal security.