The Internal Security Fund's policy objective is to contribute to ensuring a high level of security in the Union, in particular by preventing and fighting terrorism and radicalization, serious and organized crime and cybercrime, through assistance and protection of crime victims, as well as through the preparation, protection and effective management of security-related incidents, risks and crises.

Thanks to this fund, it is possible to improve and facilitate the exchange of information between the competent authorities and the bodies and agencies of the Union and, where appropriate, with third countries and international organizations.

Cross-border cooperation and the prevention and fight against crime, terrorism and radicalization are also intensifying. In this way, greater cooperation is achieved between public authorities, Union bodies and agencies, civil society and private sector partners in the different Member States.

The FSI is managed jointly by the European Commission and the Member States through the approval of programs. For the 2021-2027 framework, it has a total budget of 1,931 million euros and Spain has an initial allocation of 79,512,839 euros.